Universal Thermo Scanner shows positive effect of Box treatment

The Maharshi University of Spirituality uses advanced sixth sense as the primary tool or mechanism to study the spiritual dimension and subtle energies and thereby formulate conclusions about its effect on people and the environment. In addition to using advanced sixth sense as an investigative and analysis tool, the University also uses supplementary tools such as aura and energy scanners. Research undertaken with aura and energy scanners add value as they provide much needed tangible evidence that corroborates the findings (of the spiritual research team) which have already been obtained through sixth sense. When using aura and energy scanners, the data sets used by the spiritual research team are relatively small as compared to those used for traditional research methods. This is because more detailed and conclusive findings have already been obtained by the spiritual research team through advanced sixth sense. Accordingly, such experiments using scanning instruments become more important as a source of direction for further research to be conducted by interested experts in their field who primarily use just traditional research methodologies.


1. Background and purpose of the experiment

A simple cardboard box may seem like an unlikely tool for a spiritual healing remedy. In 2005, His Holiness Dr Athavale noticed that the empty drawers and cupboards in the closet in His room had begun to emit a Divine fragrance. As an experiment, He asked seekers in the Spiritual Research Centre who were severely affected by negative energies to sit in front of these particular drawers and cupboards while they were open. It was observed that the empty drawers and cupboards expedited the spiritual healing process and that the seekers found relief from their severe distress caused by negative energies.

1.1 The science behind the healing properties of box treatment

H.H. Dr Athavale wondered how this new healing method could be replicated so that others could benefit spiritually from it. Spiritual research was subsequently carried out to understand the spiritual principle underlying this new healing remedy. The answer that was received through advanced sixth sense was paradoxically ‘nothing’.  Empty drawers consisted of ‘nothing’ and a vacuum or void is directly related to the powerful Absolute Ether Principle (Ākāshtattva). (The Absolute Ether Principle is one of the Five Absolute Cosmic Elements that the universe is made up of. For more information, refer to the article on the 5 Absolute Cosmic Principles.)

Out of all the Absolute Cosmic Principles, the Absolute Ether Principle is the subtlest and also the most powerful. Human-beings are predominantly comprised of the Absolute Earth Principle (Pruthvitattva) and the Absolute Water Principle (Āpatattva) and hardly any of the Absolute Ether Principle. Therefore, when people are exposed to the Absolute Ether Principle, spiritual healing is enhanced.

The spiritual research team found that by using (easily available) empty cardboard boxes people  could benefit from the same spiritual healing effect of the Absolute Ether Principle. This is because the empty space in the box consists of a void which is predominantly made up of the Absolute Ether principle. By simply placing an empty box or a number of them in close proximity to a person, it was discovered that it has the potential to suck negative distressing energy out of the person’s physical and subtle body system. This became known as the ‘Box treatment’ and was incorporated by seekers as one of their regular spiritual healing practices. For more detailed information with regards to Box treatment please refer to SSRF’s article on spiritual healing using Box treatment.

2. Setup of the experiment

Apart from the numerous accounts of seekers who have had personal accounts of how Box treatment has provided them with relief, the spiritual research team at the Maharshi University of Spirituality also conducted tests using aura and energy scanners. In this experiment the Aura Energy and The Universal Thermo Scanner (UTS) was used to test the effect of the Box treatment.

2.1 Aura Energy and The Universal Thermo Scanner (UTS)

This instrument is used to measure the energy and the aura around any object (living or non-living). It has been developed by Dr Mannem Murthy, a former nuclear scientist from Hyderabad, India in the year 2003. It can measure distressing vibrations along with positive vibrations emitted from an object. It is also able to measure the extent of the aura of the object into the surrounding area.  When taking a measurement, the 2 arms of the scanner may or may not open out. The angle made by the two arms is noted in degrees from 0 to 180 degrees. Only when the arms open out to 180° can the subsequent step of measuring the distance of the aura (in relation to that aspect) be performed. The spiritual research team has used this instrument successfully to measure changes in various objects (living and non-living) after being exposed to various stimuli.

For more information refer to: http://www.vedicauraenergy.com/universal_scanner.html

 2.2 Procedure for measurement

In the experiment, a seeker was asked to sit between 4 boxes as depicted in the picture below for a period of 10 minutes. The seeker who took part in this experiment suffered from severe spiritual distress.

Readings were taken using the UTS just before and after the Box treatment.

3. Observations from the Box treatment experiment using UTS

The experiment to test the effect of Box treatment was conducted on 27-Dec-2015 between 4:06 p.m.  – 4:30 p.m. using the UTS. The UTS instrument allows one to measure 4 types of energies emitted by a subject. The readings taken before and after Box treatment are listed below for all the 4 types of energies.


  1. Only if the 2 arms of the scanner open out to a full 180 degrees can the distance of the aura of that aspect be measured. If the arms of the scanner open out to less than 180 degrees, then it means that there is no aura in relation to that aspect.
  2. To capture the total measured aura, a small sample of the subject (to be measured) is required to be inserted into the UTS. In this case, some saliva from the subject’s mouth was used.

4. Analysis and conclusions from the Box treatment experiment

The key observations from the experiment (referring to the above table) are :

  1. In the Ultraviolet (UV) radiation reading prior to the experiment (which was depicted by the 60-degree angle in 1B-1) indicated that negative energy, was present to some extent initially. However, after the Box treatment, it disappeared totally (depicted by 0 degrees in 1B-1) after placing boxes around the subject for 10 minutes.
  2. After placing boxes around the seeker for 10 minutes, the ‘Total measured aura’ of the seeker more than doubled, i.e., by 116% from 1.9 to 4.1m which is a positive sign.

From the above observations, it can be inferred that the Box treatment is an effective spiritual healing tool. The readings show that it has the capacity to reduce and eliminate subtle distressing vibrations. In doing so, the Box treatment can be an important aid for a seeker in his/her spiritual journey. This is because it allows the invaluable spiritual energy gained from spiritual practice to be utilised towards his/her spiritual progress instead of just going towards nullifying spiritual distress.