Contribute towards the University of Spirituality


The Maharshi University of Spirituality is going to be the beacon of guiding light for all of mankind for centuries to follow. The University graduates will spread Dharma throughout the world and help establish a Dharma based society. The initial stages of this task will last a few decades. It is now your chance to become a part of history. Contact us to let us know how you can help this momentous mission.
– H.H. Pruthviraj Hazare, H.H. Dr Mukul Gadgil and H.H. Sandeep Alashi
(Trustees, Maharshi University of Spirituality)


Research Collaboration

In modern science, the physical and chemical properties of matter hold importance. In Spirituality, these characteristics are also important, but along with these, the five Cosmic Principles (Panchatattva) – Ether (Ākāsh), Air (Vāyu), Fire (Tēj), Water (Āpa) and Earth (Pruthvī), as well as various subtle energies and vibrations are studied.

For example, the proportion of Water Principle is more in a liquid object. However, though an object seems to be liquid, if the proportion of Fire, Air and Ether Principles in it increase, its Spiritual effects become vastly different, and it reacts very differently. Therefore, to understand the spiritual quality of an object, it is necessary to know the proportion of the five Cosmic Principles present in it.

Over the years we have studied these cosmic principles and various spiritual vibrations in great detail and have numerous case studies, practical examples, and unique objects collected. To further develop the research we are in need of collaboration using innovative instruments to measure these principles and vibrations.
If you are a:

  1. researcher
  2. inventor
  3. or an innovator

and you are using a unique instrument or method to measure the Cosmic Principles, spiritual energies or vibrations accurately, we invite you to collaborate with the Maharshi University of Spirituality! Your work can help mankind understand the physical effects of the subtle world.


Donations and funding

In general terms when we think of donation for the benefit of society the first thing that comes to mind is donation to beggars, schools, hospitals, etc. Although such donation is commendable, it’s social impact is limited and at the personal level we at most obtain merits.

Compared to this, when we donate for Dharma we help to establish Dharma in society as a result of which all problems such as poverty, bad health or improper education are removed and society becomes orderly and happy. In addition, by donating for the mission of Dharma our accumulated give and take account or karma reduces and our ability to undergo destiny enhances.

Creation of the ‘Maharshi University of Spirituality’ is the task of spreading Dharma, and donating for it is one way of participating in the service unto Dharma.

If you are interested in participating by donating, the Maharshi University of Spirituality is in need of the following means of support:

  1. Funding for the construction of buildings
  2. Offering land for the University
  3. Donation of objects required for construction
  4. Donation of objects needed to furnish the University (chairs, tables, computers, etc.)


The highest offering that we can make towards Dharma is to offer our qualities, talents, time and energy to spread Dharma in society. In this process, in addition to benefitting society, we ourselves gain the highest benefit as we change for the better and grow fast spiritually.

By participating in the service of establishing or propagating the Maharshi University of Spirituality, we can have the experience of serving Dharma.

If you would like to experience the benefits of serving Dharma you can help in the following ways:

  1. Helping in the construction of the University premises
  2. Spreading the news about the University on Social media, Blogs and Websites
  3. Finding and contacting researchers interested in collaboration
  4. Compiling divine knowledge by typing texts, editing videos, etc.

If you would like to contribute to the Maharshi University of Spirituality by collaborating with us in our spiritual research, by donating or by rendering service you can contact us by using our contact form.