Achievements-University-of-Spirituality1The following are some of the key achievements of the organisation so far that will provide a strong foundation to the Maharshi University of Spirituality.

Spiritual growth of seekers to higher spiritual levels

Faculty-of-the-University-of-Spirituality1As of 15 Sep 2016, under the guidance of Parātpar Guru His Holiness Dr Athavale, 68 seekers have attained Sainthood which is the spiritual level above 70% and 940 seekers have attained an advanced spiritual level between 60% and 70%. This is an achievement that is unparalleled in the current era of Kaliyug. Due to His spiritual love (Priti) for society, His Holiness Dr Athavale has been diligently and tirelessly guiding these seekers in their spiritual practice year after year. This includes helping seekers reduce their personality defects and minimise their ego, so that their spiritual growth is rapid. These seekers too have sacrificed everything for spiritual progress and to further the mission of the spread of Spirituality. These Saints and seekers will provide the Maharshi University of Spirituality with a big pool of committed teaching staff that are spiritually evolved.



Publishing of Holy Texts with Divine knowledge

Holy-spiritual-textbooks-for-University-of-Spirituality1285 Holy texts compiled by H.H. Dr Athavale have been published in 12 Indian and 3 International languages. Over 6.4 million copies have been sold.

These Holy texts explain the ‘how and why’ about every subject in Spirituality in a scientific language. They include Divine knowledge not available anywhere else on Earth that is necessary for the current era.

The organisation has already received Divine knowledge to publish an additional 3800 Holy texts on various aspects of Spirituality.



Extensive Spiritual Research

Spiritual-Research-at-the-University-of-Spirituality1H.H. Dr Athavale’s extensive research for over 3 decades on the theoretical and practical aspects of Spirituality has provided a solid base for future research. This research using advanced sixth sense along with biofeedback instruments has given us a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimension never seen before. Society has shown that they are hungry for this knowledge with more than 7 million visiting the Spiritual Science Research Foundation website every year and traffic to the website growing by 70-80% year on year. We also answer over 1000 questions from people worldwide via the website every month. The proof of the success of this research is the thousands of case studies of people who have provided testimony that their lives have been transformed for the better in some form or the other by undertaking spiritual healing remedies and spiritual practice.


Spiritual Museum – Visible effects of an invisible world

Artifact-showing-spontaneous-combustion-at-the-spiritual-museumWe also have arguably the world’s largest museum displaying thousands of articles and artefacts whose properties have changed spontaneously, sometimes gradually and sometimes all of a sudden. They have been collected, catalogued and preserved and are proof of how the unknown spiritual dimension can affect the known world and our lives. Displayed on the left is an example of such an artefact preserved by the Spiritual Museum. It shows the picture of a higher level Saint, His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj, that got burnt spontaneously. Like this we have collected many artefacts that have spontaneously changed and appear to have changed for worse.



Om-appearing-spiritual-museum1On the other hand we have also been witness to a number of spontaneous occurrences of phenomena that appear to be positive. The picture on the left shows an example of this. We have recorded here the sacred Om symbol appearing on His Holiness Dr Athavale’s tongue. Like this we have recorded for society and future generations many unexplained positive changes in items. We have also started to measure the vibrations these articles emit with the help of biofeedback machines. We feel that such a museum will be for the world, proof of the visible effects of an invisible world, which is the spiritual dimension. We will be publishing all such phenomena in the section, ‘Spiritual Research Centre and Ramnathi Ashram – Beyond the 7 Wonders of the World’.


Largest video library of spiritual phenomena

Divine-particles-on-Tulsi-plants2We also have the world’s largest collection of video footage on various spiritual phenomena amounting to over 18,000 hours of video footage. With multiple spiritual phenomena and events happening every day in the Spiritual Research Centre, the audio video team and editing team is kept busy. From Divine particles on Tulsi plants, to spontaneously appearing blood stains, to a parrot that meditates, the AV team of seekers have seen a wide array of spiritual phenomena. They dedicatedly work day and night and are on call at a moment’s notice to capture and record the next spiritual phenomena or event.

The Research Centre has 2 fully equipped studios along with 4 editing stations to produce unique videos to help society understand Spirituality and the spiritual dimension.



“I pray unto the Holy feet of Bhagawan Shrikrushna, that let everyone benefit from this website and progress spiritually and by developing one family bond, may the Divine Kingdom be established on the Earth.”
– H.H. Dr Athavale
Founder of The Maharshi University of Spirituality