Our campus will consist of 8 different sections.

Education section: This section will impart education on the 14 Vidyās (ancient texts about pure spirituality) and the 64 Kalās (ancient texts about practicing spirituality in worldly life). There will also be a:

  1. Vēda Pāṭhashālā  (school teaching how to study the Vēdas),
  2. Purohit Pathashala (school teaching the responsibilities of a Hindu Priest),
  3. Yadnyashālā (school teaching how to perform the rituals of sacrificial fires),
  4. Sanskrutshālā (school teaching Sanskrut)
  5. Kīrtanshālā (school teaching devotional discourses), library etc.

Spiritual research centre: The Spiritual Research Centre will be dedicated to investigating the subtle dimension through spiritual research. In order to conduct spiritual research one needs to have an advanced sixth sense. Knowledge is obtained from the Universal Mind and Universal Intellect by seekers with a higher spiritual level.

Spiritual museum: There are museums all over the world where artefacts are preserved, but there is not a single museum that preserves objects that are spiritually charged. The Maharshi University of Spirituality will have such a museum. Thousands of objects that are beyond the purview of the intellect, images and over 16 thousand video clips exhibiting the effects of the five Cosmic Principles (Panchatattva) are preserved by the ‘Maharshi University of Spirituality’. This is the only museum in the world that preserves proof that the subtle world exists. The ‘Maharshi University of Spirituality’ is writing a new chapter in the annals of history by preserving various invaluable spiritual objects. Do see annexure 4 of our Holy text “Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (Maharshi University of Spirituality) (Brief introduction and characteristics)” to see a full list of the unique objects preserved in our museum.

Publication section: This section will contain our Holy texts, periodicals, audio-video studio etc. Our Holy texts cover a wide range of topics on Spirituality and have been translated into 14 languages. Our periodicals contain detailed and unique information on Spiritual science and have been distributed in India (Bharat) and have a large online readership.

Plantation section: Our campus will be as self-sufficient as possible. To this end this section will contain a plantation and a cow shed that will provide food and milk for the university. In addition, there will be a garden of spiritually pure flowers that can be offered for devotional worship.

Spiritual practice section: This section will contain a Yogāsan centre, a meditation hall and a temple. Students will practice ancient Yogasans in the morning to keep the body fit. The meditation hall will be reserved for chanting and meditation, and devotional worship will be performed in the temple.

Residential section: This section will contain the rooms for residents, the kitchen, the dining hall, the clinic, the gymnasium, the swimming pool etc.

Office section: This section will consist of the office, the computer section, the accounts section etc.