Butterflies and moths play with people


Amongst all insects, butterflies are considered one of the most sāttvik or spiritually pure. Children and adults alike are fascinated with butterflies as they are a delight to behold. Many of us may have chased butterflies with the hope of catching them; however, as they are shy, they are usually quick to fly away.

However, at the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram, we have observed butterflies and moths behaving in a surprisingly different manner. Since 2009, we saw that butterflies started to stay at the Spiritual Research Centre for prolonged periods of time. This is unique because butterflies normally keep flying from one place to another and it is not easy to make them stay in one place. Moreover, they are usually attracted to flowers. Yet, at the Spiritual Research Centre they not only stay for longer periods of time but also sit comfortably on the hands and body of seekers and Saints.

One of the highlights of this phenomenon was seeing how different types of butterflies would come and play with a child seeker Miss Anastasia Vallee for many hours. On one occasion, a butterfly stayed with her for 2 days eating, playing, and sleeping with Anastasia as though they were the best of friends.

One fascinating event unfolded when little Anastasia playfully brought one of the butterflies to show H.H. Dr Athavale. The butterfly promptly sat on H.H. Dr Athavale’s hand and as we watched, the butterfly’s wings, which started from a dull brown began to glisten spontaneously and we saw golden streaks on its wings. As H.H. Dr Athavale gently moved His finger, the sunlight from the window caught the butterfly’s wings and we saw a rainbow coloured effect on its wings. If this was not amazing enough, another butterfly tried to top this by sitting on the ceiling fan in H.H. Dr Athavale’s room while it was moving. The butterfly rode on the circulating fan for 3 hours without moving. After 3 hours it flew away.

The following pictures and video show the various instances of this fascinating phenomenon witnessed at the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Goa, India.

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An Appeal to Lepidopterists and Researchers

Many extraordinary incidents that do not have an easy rational explanation are taking place at the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Goa, India. One such phenomenon described above is the unusual behaviour of butterflies.

We appeal to lepidopterists and researchers who are experts in this field to help us understand if there is a scientific reason behind such unusually friendly behaviour from butterflies and moths.

Some of our questions for lepidopterists and researchers are:

  • Why are butterflies attracted to places such as the Spiritual Research Centre where they stay for prolonged periods of time?
  • What is the reason for the different type of behaviour of butterflies that come to the Spiritual Research Centre?
  • In your experience have you seen butterflies sitting on humans and playing with them for over a day?
  • Why do butterflies sit calmly on the Saints and seekers who reside in the Spiritual Research Centre when their basic nature is that they randomly fly from one place to another at very short intervals?
  • Is it possible that the colour and shine of their wings can change within a short period of time?


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