Information on the Universal Aura Scanner (UAS)

How the Universal Aura Scanner is used in spiritual research

Please note : The Universal Aura Scanner (UAS) used to be called the Universal Thermo Scanner (UTS). Its name has been updated by the manufacturer, so it is currently referred to as the UAS.

1. Introduction to the Universal Aura Scanner

Modern science is familiar with the gross or physical properties of living things or objects. However, as per the spiritual science, there are subtle vibrations associated with every living thing or object that can be perceived through sixth sense. Up until recent times, there was no other way to observe these subtle vibrations. However, with recent advancements in technology, aura and subtle energy scanners have been developed that enable one to measure spiritual vibrations in a quantifiable manner.

The Universal Aura Scanner or UAS is one such device that has been developed by Dr Mannem Murthy, a former nuclear scientist. It has patented technology that measures subtle energy as per certain parameters explained below. Over a period of 6 years (2014 – 2019), the research teams at the Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (MAV) and SSRF have conducted over 10,000 readings with this instrument. It has been found that the instrument is quite reliable in its accuracy of reading the aura and subtle energy of any object.

2. Principles underlying how the UAS functions

At a spiritual level, every object emits subtle vibrations. The subtle vibrations around an object comprise of the three subtle basic components, Sattva, Raja and Tama. Sattva stands for spiritual purity while Tama stands for spiritual impurity. Raja provides momentum to either the Sattva or Tama components. The UAS is able to pick up the vibrations related to the subtle basic components in the electromagnetic spectrum.

For any object the UAS takes 4 types of readings :

  1. Negative IR (Infrared)
  2. Negative UV (Ultraviolet)
  3. Positive aura
  4. Measured aura

The ‘Negative IR and UV readings’ correspond to spiritual negativity, while the ‘positive aura reading’ corresponds to spiritual positivity. The UV reading indicates a more intense form of negativity than the IR reading.

With regards to the spiritually negative readings of IR and UV – this instrument is able to pick up these subtle distressing vibrations in the electromagnetic spectrum related to Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) light. The instrument has patented technology that is able to pick up distressing vibrations in the IR and UV spectra, which the inventor has labelled as ‘Negative IR’ and ‘Negative UV’. The samples which are inserted into the UAS and which enable it to detect negative and positive vibrations are generic samples and are provided by the manufacturer. These sample along with the electronic sensors (antennae) fitted into the UAS scanner arms help to detect the subtle vibrations.

Aura in simple words is the energy field of an object. The strength of this energy field is picked up by the UAS and labelled as the ‘measured aura’ of that specific object. The measured aura reading can indicate positivity or negativity depending on the predominant vibrations of the subject. For example, if the subject has predominantly positive vibrations, then the measured aura reading indicates positivity, whereas if the subject emits primarily negative vibrations, the measured aura reading would be indicative of negativity.

Note : When measuring any object using the UAS, everything has a measured aura, but not everything will have an IR, UV or a positive aura reading.

In the case of the measured aura reading, a sample (unique to the subject) is used and is inserted into the UAS to take the reading. In case the subject is a person, the sample could be a saliva or hair sample; in case it is a plant, it could be its leaves, or in the case of an object, it could be a part of the object or a swab that has been rubbed on the surface of the object.

3. Taking and interpreting a UAS reading

The UAS has two arms that open when a reading is taken. They can open to a maximum of 180°. When taking a reading, the operator of the UAS would hold the UAS in front of the subject. If the arms open out to the full 180°, it is possible to measure the length of the aura, and to do so the operator would begin stepping back slowly. The distance at which the arms begin to close indicates the length of the aura for that particular reading (see below). For example, if a person is taking the IR reading of a subject, the arms open out to 180°, and then they begin to close once the person has stepped 1.24 metres away from the subject, the IR reading would be 1.24 metres.

Taking a reading with the Universal Aura Scanner (UAS)

If the arms do not open out to a full 180°, but they still open, it can indicate the presence of some amount of vibrations, but the extent of the aura cannot be measured. Taking the example of the IR reading, if the arms opened out to 45°, it may indicate some level of negativity, but the extent of the IR aura cannot be measured. The arms of the UAS may not open out to the full 180° in the case of the IR, UV and positive energy readings. However, since every subject has a measured aura, the arms of the UAS always open out to 180° when taking this reading.

4. Analysis of a UAS reading

The results obtained from each of the four UAS readings are placed in a table such as the one below :

Example of a reading taken with the Universal Aura Scanner (UAS)

Generally, MAV and SSRF have taken UAS readings as a part of many experiments to study the effect of various stimuli, where readings of the subject are taken before and after exposure to the stimulus or any intervention. In the table above, the subject was a person and the stimulus was the salt water remedy. In this case, the elimination of the subject’s IR aura and the increase in the subject’s measured aura after performing the salt water remedy supports the conclusion that the salt water remedy had a positive effect on the subject.

5. Factors that can affect a UAS reading

There are some different factors that can affect UAS readings. Some of them are :

The object being measured :

  • Illusory (māyāvi) vibrations being emitted from the subject can result in readings giving results contrary to what they should be.

The operator of the UAS :

  • The operator needs to be in complete white.
  • The operator’s spiritual state, whether positive or negative, can affect the reading. For example, if the operator is facing spiritual distress, it can impact the readings negatively.
  • The operator’s mental state can affect the reading, and the readings are more accurate if the operator is calm.
  • The operator’s spiritual level also influences the reading. If the operator is of a low spiritual level, it can impact the readings taken negatively, and if the spiritual level of the operator is very high, it makes the readings more positive. Thus, it is best if the spiritual level of the operator is neither too high nor too low. For example, somewhere between the 50% and 60% spiritual levels would be suitable.
  • Ideally, the operator of the UAS should be doing regular spiritual practice, be free from spiritual distress and be in a good mental state to increase the accuracy of UAS readings.

The environment and as per the time :

  • Spiritual distress in the environment can skew readings.
  • Spiritual negativity in the environment is generally higher during full moon, new moon and eclipses, so UAS readings can be affected during these periods. If possible, it is better to avoid taking UAS readings during periods where there is more spiritual negativity such as full moon, new moon, during an eclipse, etc.
  • During certain periods of the year such as the fortnight for departed ancestral spirits, spiritual distress generally increases and this can affect UAS readings. During such periods, the positivity of a person may be suppressed while his negativity may seem to have increased.

6. Conclusion

Measurements made using the UAS provide a unique opportunity to study the spiritual dimension through modern science. Notably, the results that MAV and SSRF have obtained through UAS readings agree with readings obtained through advanced sixth sense. This has brought about the unique opportunity of bridging the gap between modern science and Spirituality.

Current research studies usually do not include collection of data about the spiritual dimension and its impact on various aspects of our lives. The studies presented on the SSRF and MAV websites are unique because they are holistic in nature (which means they take into account the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions). As a result, traditional researchers in various disciplines may find a completely novel way of looking at their subject of choice. We encourage academics and researchers to join us in understanding the causes behind various phenomena in a more complete manner.

Such studies may encourage some of our reader to pursue spiritual growth to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of the world around us and life. To these readers, we welcome you to attend our 5-Day Spiritual Workshops to provide you with a clear direction for faster spiritual growth.