How to care for an Om symbol that appears spontaneously

How to care for an Om symbol that appears spontaneously

1 What does it mean when the Om symbol manifests in one’s house?

The Om symbol has appeared at many places in the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram. Such spontaneous appearances of the Om symbol are indicative of the presence of the Divine. They are a reassurance from God to His devotees residing in the premises that He is there for them and looking after them. When an Om symbol appears, the surrounding environment gets spiritually purified because of its presence. This is because Om in itself contains God’s unmanifest (nirgun) Principle.

2 What should one do to take care of an Om symbol that appears spontaneously?

As the Om symbol is a storehouse of immense positive energy; when it appears in one’s home premises or otherwise, it is important that appropriate physical and spiritual care is taken to preserve its purity. As per the spiritual principle that word, touch, form, taste, fragrance and their energies co-exist; the appearance of Om is not coincidental but it only appears where there is a strong presence of God. So, if its purity is not maintained then after a while as the spiritual purity gets depleted; it may disappear. There are certain points that should be adhered to, so as to maintain the purity in and around the spot where the Om symbol appears. The rules and regulations that are generally followed when maintaining the purity of a temple, should be followed for the Om symbol as well.

2.1 Physical cleaning:

  • We should regularly clean the spot where an Om symbol has appeared. Before beginning with cleaning, a prayer can be made so that one is able to imbibe the spiritually pure vibrations being emitted from Om.
  • One should take care to have a bath and then only begin cleaning.
  • A clean cloth can be used when wiping the place.

2.2 Spiritual measures for cleansing

  • After cleaning with a cloth, a lit incense stick can be waved around the Om symbol.
  • A lit oil (such as ghee) lamp can also be waved around the Om symbol. Candles are not recommended as they reduce the spiritual purity in the environment.
  • Ladies can avoid cleaning or going near the Om symbol during their menses.
  • If there is a death in the family, then family members directly related to the deceased should avoid touching the Om symbol.

2.3 Protection of spiritual purity and respect for the Om symbol

  • If Om has appeared on the floor then a border can be made around it or a wooden or plastic fame can be put around it so that no one steps on it.
  • We should not wear footwear and walk near the spot where Om has appeared.
  • We can also offer prayers by joining our hands in namaskār-mudrā intermittently when looking at the Om symbol to be able to imbibe the spiritually pure vibrations being emitted from the Om symbol.

2.4 Importance of spiritual practice

Lastly and most importantly the thing which can help maintain the spiritual purity in the premises to the maximum is when members of the family are doing regular spiritual practice as per the six basic principles. One of the foundational and recommended steps of spiritual practice in the current era is chanting God’s Name as per the religion to which one is born into. As more and more members in the family chant, the vibrations in the premises get purified and more of the Sattva component or the spiritually pure component is attracted into the premises. Besides chanting, further steps of spiritual practice such as attending spiritual meetings (satsangs), serving God (satsēvā) and sacrificing one’s mind body and wealth for the Absolute Truth all help to raise the spiritual level of the people residing in the premises. This has a direct positive impact on the spiritual purity of the premises.

These are some of the points that can be kept in mind when Om appears. We can offer prayers of gratitude to God as the appearance of an Om symbol is His blessing to help enhance our spiritual practice even further.

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