Comments on the 5 Day Spiritual Workshop

5 Day Spiritual Workshops

At the Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwadivyalaya


In case you are interested in attending a workshop, please read through all the tabs in this section before registering. Please note that these workshops are held in person at the Spiritual Research Centre in Goa, India.

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M.G., Mexico: I have been doing spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF for about 6 months, and I have never felt like this in any other spiritual path. I have never been as moved as I have with SSRF. When I went for the Spiritual Workshop to India, I did not exactly know where I was going to, I only knew I had to go. I wanted to cry out of spiritual emotion when I arrived as I saw some seekers approaching to greet me. I felt as if I knew them from before. Once I entered the Ashram, I could see and understand that a happy world is actually possible. Children are quiet and calm, everything is neat. All seekers living there are radiant, and lady seekers don’t even need to wear makeup as by practicing Spirituality daily, they become radiant and beautiful naturally. One even sleeps less, but looks radiant. There are more than 300 people there and all live in harmony.

After completing the 5-day spiritual workshop conducted by the Maharshi University of Spirituality, I left the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Goa, and travelled in India to take some other spiritual courses like Vipassana Meditation. I thought, people in this path must be having a high spiritual level to offer this course, however when I arrived, I wanted to cry and leave. The impact was too much; the negativity was high there as compared to the Ashram. I realised that this meditation path might be okay when it is practiced for one’s own sake, but doing spiritual practice with SSRF has a positive impact in everything, everywhere, everyone. SSRF is much more than just a tool, I have proof of it, SSRF makes a difference in people. SSRF has the power to make a difference. I have changed internally in the Ashram, and recommend to have this experience to all of you.

Luz Hernandez, Austria:While attending the workshop, I felt that I was coming closer and closer to my goal of realising God. The topics in Spirituality and spiritual practice were so well explained, that I could easily understand them and I also got a clear direction on how to put them into practice. The conducting seekers were so open to listen to our doubts and always gave an answer to them in a very clear and practical way. Thanks to their guidance I understood more about the importance of Personality Defect Removal (PDR), in a deeper way, and because of the spiritually pure environment, I was able to do a lot of introspection and also gain spiritual realisations.

I felt like in a family where everyone has the desire for God realisation, and where we help each other. Meeting H.H. Dr Athavale has changed my life. His mission and his love for humanity is manifested throughout the Spiritual University in all aspects. I will never forget this unique experience, which now has become the most significant one of my life. I got guidance about how to see my family life also from a spiritual point of view.

After attending the workshop, I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, to put more efforts into my spiritual practice. It feels like going to charge your spiritual batteries. On returning home I am seeing my life brighter and I am more positive. There is renewed faith and trust that if one’s has genuine desire for spiritual growth and God-realisation then despite your living/worldly situation, it will happen.

I recommend everyone who is really curious about spiritual practice, to attend the 5-day workshop. Here you can go deeper into personality defect removal, like in no other place. Here you will learn how important it is, for attaining God’s blessing and protection for being a better person, for the people you love and for yourself, for reaching the final goal which is God-realisation in a fast, practical and still deeper way.

Miss Methuna Srikantharajah, Sri Lanka: A visit to SSRF centre at Goa was my sole purpose to register for the workshop organised by the Maharshi University of Spirituality. I found about SSRF through an online search when I was searching in Google about the ‘purpose of life’, ‘why we are born’, ‘why God created Earth’, etc. I had the strong desire to experience the life at the spiritual centre where I could meet similar minded people and learn more about spiritual practice. I felt that God only showed me this opportunity to attend the 5-day spiritual workshop.

This workshop in particular helped me to identify important methods and techniques to undertake consistent spiritual practice while overcoming problems in life. I also learnt a lot through others who attended workshop. All of them were able to share their own experiences openly and we got valuable guidance from the workshop conductors. I was able to get answers during the stay for many complicated spiritual issues which I would not have otherwise known the real spiritual cause behind it. Meeting His Holiness Dr Athavale was a profound experience for me. I felt as if my imbalances were getting rectified in that same meeting. I was undergoing so many emotional imbalances without a particular reason from external environment. I was thinking they were just mood swings. After the workshop I understood why they were happening and I could practically experience a change after chanting in spiritual healing room at the Spiritual Research Centre.

Just after 5 days of workshop, I felt the change in me internally. During the stay at the centre, I felt extremely blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude. I felt very much protected every moment there. From my young age I had a strong urge inside me that there is something more I should do with this life that God has given me. I was not sure what it is. After I got associated with SSRF, I realised the true purpose of human life is to do spiritual practice no matter what kind of worldly activities we are involved in.

Mr Patrick Sprowl, Canada: I feel I have made a lot of spiritual progress because of the trip to the Spiritual Research Centre Ashram and 5-day spiritual workshop. I felt the ashram itself carried God consciousness and the people in it carried a presence and divine light within them. The seekers at the centre were very welcoming and it was like a feeling of family and community.
I learned many things, for example I didn’t know like how to manage distress and what it looks like. Also the realisation that there is a struggle between light and dark and the unvarnished reality of what Maya (the Great Illusion) really is.
After the workshop I noticed more clarity and peace of mind and my ability to have acceptance of situations. I saw what a seeker could achieve and what society could really become. I would very much like the opportunity to visit again soon.

Mr Pandeti Guru Kiran Varma, Hyderabad, India: “Reading about spiritual experiences is one thing, but actually experiencing them personally while doing spiritual practice is something that is at a completely different level. In this aspect, attending the Maharshi University of Spirituality workshop has been a major event in my life, thus changing my view about the spiritual world completely. In just a week, I have learnt a lot from the interactions with the Saint level and near-Saint level workshop organisers along with other ashram and workshop attendee seekers. The spiritual experiences and the rare spiritual manifestations which are experienced in the ashram are invaluable. The ashram is more like a temple with great spiritual power comparable to the greatest Holy places of Bharat (India). Since the time I have entered the ashram I am experiencing continuous spiritual healing. I feel the ashram has more spiritual power than some of the greatest temples and the aarti room & healing room have more spiritual power than the Sanctum Santorum (Garbagruha) of some of the greatest temples I have visited. However most importantly the unique aspect is that seekers have the opportunity to stay for hours in the aarti room and healing room which greatly aids in their spiritual development/progress. I offer my gratitude to Shrikrushna for His grace in having me experience His Holiness Dr Athavale’s presence and the opportunity to experience the Maharshi University of Spirituality ashram.”

Ms Lee Yi Wei, Singapore: The 5 Day Spiritual Workshop has been life changing! Experiencing God’s Divine consciousness, experiencing the existence of the spiritual realm in terms of subtle visions, touch, smell, etc., has increased my faith in God. His love and guidance is everything I have been searching for my whole life. All should attend this workshop to experience God’s Divine love!”

Himani Thakar, Seattle, Washington, USA: “I Am very grateful to SSRF for the learnings given to us during the workshop. I have struggled with interpersonal relationships for most of my life leading to feelings of despair. The Personality Defect Removal model and autosuggestion method were both extremely powerful tools to help me get a new perspective towards my relationship interactions and implementing these tools has transformed my life forever. I could share all my concerns very openly because of the love and genuine concern that all the SSRF workshop conductors showered on me. Thank you SSRF for the powerful and scientific guidance you give us through these workshops. This has been exactly what I was looking for to get to know myself better. I feel excited and look forward to living an enriched and blissful life and ultimately progress spiritually.”

Harsa Arizki Nurulsrihanto, South Jakarta, Indonesia: “I learnt a lot at the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram. It feels like a place where Heaven manifested on Earth; where people are kind to others without any prejudice and negativity. I learnt a lot – like how to respect other people, how to do chanting, etc. I also learnt that service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on Earth; it’s not enough to have just lived. I should be determined to live for something which would be creating joy for others. Sharing what we have for the betterment of humankind, bringing hope to the lost. I felt calmness deep inside my heart when I left the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram, and I will continue to implement what SSRF teaches me back home.”

Sameh Mikhail, Doha, Qatar: “This Path (i.e., The Path of Guru’s grace) is the missing link for all the world’s religions because chanting God’s Name is the only way that will preserve the connection full-time (at full signal) with God. You can eat and drink while chanting. You can talk, listen and write while chanting. You can even think while chanting. Then you will discover that every outcome while being connected (via chanting) has the touch of God.”

Krishna Kishore Mandava, Virginia, USA: “I remember my mother telling me tales from the Mahabharata, Ramayana and several epics and one thing that enchanted my consciousness most were those of ashrams during those times. It became apparent that it was whatever happened in that ashrams shaped the world’s future, caused great beginnings and developed civilizations. Desires are countless, but what these great humans did was just sacrifice their personal desires and work as per the desire of the Guru at the ashram by learning the things they were naturally good at and serving Spirituality accordingly.

Coming to this present era I found it increasingly hard to follow basic regulations to sustain my life happily despite having a great religious background, a great life and family, and being well read in verses and scriptures. All my desires were being fulfilled but still there was some emptiness or inherent longing for much more, call it God or the Soul that always remained in me. I was jumping like a honey bee from one flower to another desiring for that one last honey pot but couldn’t find one. Miraculously, I came across this Ashram by God’s grace and found out its located in Goa and my first thought was, ‘Let me try it. What will I lose?’.

The time that I spent in the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram attending the 5 Day Spiritual Workshop was incredible. I have never seen such an orderly life with everything happening on time without stress. There was such love shown by the Ashram – how can I repay it except by doing sincere sadhana (spiritual practice) of course. All these years, I have never understood the reason for me not experiencing that Bliss or happiness despite trying hard or sincerely. However, after the workshop I detected that the reason was my own personality defects. The PDR process is like a jewel in a crown. It has shown me the same world that I see every day but that world just got coloured. Enjoying life and the moments of Bliss and happiness started to come in bits and pieces as manifestations of defects have gone down a lot. I now can conclude that by doing the PDR process, being in satsang (company of the Truth) and rendering satseva (serving God) sincerely, perpetual Bliss can be experienced all the time. There is nothing in gross terms that a novice student like me can explain about the Ashram except to express heartfelt gratitude to Deity Shrikrushna.

I now know what an Ashram is like which is the same as from my mother’s age old stories. I have experienced Vishnulok and its time to transcribe the essence of the Ashram into my personal life. The Divine Kingdom has come a little early to Ramnathi, Ponda, Goa and they already know how the future of our planet will be.

I offer my gratitude to Shrikrushna and His Holiness Dr Athavale.”

Monita Nilam, Hong Kong: “I would like to express my gratitude a million times over to SSRF and the Maharshi University of Spirituality for bringing out the good qualities in me. I attended the 5 Day Spiritual Workshop of the Maharshi University of Spirituality at the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Sept 2015, at Goa, India. The workshop organising team is very, helpful, kind, loving and extremely generous in sharing their spiritual knowledge. During the course, we learned how to remove our personality defects and ego. Since then, I have been practising the Personality Defects Removal process daily in my life and have experienced only good things by gaining more qualities. My personality defects have reduced greatly in a very short span of time.

  • Before I attended the SSRF workshop, I was always so worried but now in just two months the intensity of my worrying has reduced by 95%-99%.
  • Before I attended the spiritual workshop, I would wake up more than 5 to 7 times every night feeling sad/unhappy/sorrow without knowing why. But now I sleep very peacefully every night and am feeling calm throughout night. Even the whole day I am happy from inside.
  • I also learned that universal love costs nothing. The more we share and give, the more we become happy.
  • I highly recommend this spiritual workshop to everyone who is looking for inner peace. Join us to experience Bliss.”

Marco Burmann, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany: “For me, the Maharshi University of Spirituality Workshop was a great combination of all the different spiritual aspects. Especially the practical part, with the subtle experiments of the items that transformed spontaneously due to positive and negative energy, was interesting. Another thing to mention is that I got so much spiritual healing there, that I was happy all day long. I can recommend everyone who is interested in spiritual development to come to the workshop to have his or her own experiences.”

Akos Nagy, Budapest, Hungary: “Much gratitude for the spiritual workshop. It is always in the long run that we can truly see if a workshop benefitted us. One thing which I noticed was that I was able to increase spiritual healing remedies after attending the spiritual workshop. Also, the process of Personality Defects Removal process became clearer to me during the workshop with the help of seekers. Thereafter, I am regular in the weekly Skype Satsangs organised by SSRF and so I am able to put the ‘Personality Defects Removal process’ into practice. I feel more faith in Personality Defects Removal process and can already attain a much more positive way of thinking in life as compared to before. I hope to have the perseverance in this process so I can experience its benefits even more in the long run. Much gratitude for this grace of H.H. Dr Athavale and the help of workshop conducting seekers.”