5 Day Spiritual Workshops

At the Maharshi University of Spirituality


In case you are interested in attending a workshop, please read through all the tabs in this section before registering. Please note that these workshops are held in person at the Spiritual Research Centre in Goa, India.

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Nestled in the heart of Goa between two renowned temples, the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram is home to hundreds of seekers practicing Spirituality on a full-time basis. The entire Ashram is immersed in spiritual positivity and has had many unique spiritual phenomena such as Divine Particles and Om symbols appearing on its premises. It is the ideal location for a spiritual retreat and workshop, where one can learn various facets of Spirituality. The Ashram has prepared a unique program for you to experience mystical India in an Ashram with simple living, free from the attachments of worldly life. With a blend of interactive classroom sessions, meditation and spiritual healing chants, spiritual experiments and video sessions, the Ashram has the full array of Spirituality that India has to offer. Students will be able to learn not only in classroom sessions but also at an experiential level by watching other seekers and the ashram way of life in the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram.



For seekers participating in the 5 days spiritual workshops, dormitory style accommodation will be provided on the Ashram premises with 4 seekers residing together in a room. There is a spiritual purpose to this. By living together, seekers are able to learn important aspects required for spiritual growth which includes spiritual love, caring for others and learning from others. Staying together with other seekers also helps to overcome body awareness and going beyond our comfort zone which is an important aspect of reducing ego.



Vegetarian food is served in the ashram premises. The food is prepared by seekers as their spiritual practice. While preparing food seekers in the kitchen chant the Name of God continuously so that the positive spiritual energy from the chant goes into the food and makes it spiritually pure.



Seekers participating in the spiritual workshop will be picked up from the airport or train station by seeker drivers from the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram. The ride takes approximately 45 minutes. After the completion of the workshop, seekers will be dropped to the airport or train station for their return journey.


Other facilities provided

The following are some of the other facilities that will be provided and are included within the course fees.

  • Bedding and linen
  • Laundry and ironing facilities.
  • Internet Wi-Fi
  • In-house doctors are available in case of anyone getting ill.


Some things to do and get

1. Review the Ashram manual – its rules and regulations which will be provided to you on your selection.

2. Bring some loose-fitting light coloured clothing that covers the entire body. Avoid dark coloured clothes and black.

3. From November to February, the climate in Goa is slightly colder than in the period from March to October. June to September is the monsoon season, and it rains almost every day.

Monsoon: June to End September (Min. 20˚C – Max. 30˚C – Cool with heavy rains)
Autumn: October to Late November (Min. 25˚C – Max. 35˚C)
Winter: Late November to Mid-February (Min. 16˚C – Max. 25 to 30˚C)
Summer: Mid-March to Early June (Min. 25˚C – Max. 45˚C)

4. You can bring tablet computers, laptops and some notebooks to write in. It is important that you do not have any pirated software loaded on your computers if you want to connect the Internet provided by the Ashram.

5. Do also get some stationery such as pens and writing pads along with you.

6. Please bring your own towels and toiletries.

7. If you are on any medication please do not forget to bring it along. Some basic medicines that you generally use can also be brought.

8. Slippers that you can wear only in the Ashram (if you need them). Seekers in the Ashram walk barefoot most of the time to absorb positive energy being emitted by the floor tiles.

9. Non-vegetarian food, smoking, gambling and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited during the stay in the Ashram.